Drilled biopsy probes put through or take a small sample of tissue from/into cells for easy and harmless puncture.

The GeneSearch Embryo Cradle is a new embryo manipulation tool allowing embryo penetration and biopsy at all stages right up to the time for implantation in the uterus. After collecting a few cells for DNA analysis, even as part of the same procedure, the device can easily remove blastocoel fluid to optimize the embryo freezing process.

One of the main components — glass biopsy probe — was drilled by Workshop of Photonics. Probe diameters can vary from 12 µm to more than 20 µm, and the biopsy ports vary in diameter from 5 µm to more than 10 µm. The biopsy port is a clean, sharp-edged, laser-drilled hole through the near sidewall of the probe, located near its tip.

  • 190 fs – 20 ps 连续可调脉宽
  • 最大单脉冲能量 2 mJ
  • 最大输出功率 80 W
  • 单脉冲 – 2 MHz 重复频率
  • 脉冲选择器功能,可按需输出脉冲
  • BiBurst 脉冲串模式
  • 风冷型号
  • 100 fs – 20 ps 连续可调脉宽
  • 最大单脉冲能量 4 mJ
  • 最高输出功率 20 W
  • 单脉冲 – 1 MHz 重复频率
  • BiBurst 脉冲串功能
  • 自动谐波发生器(高达 5 次谐波)