X-ray generation using ultrashort high-energy laser pulses is an attractive technique for industry, medicine, and material science. In particular, the generated X-rays can be applied in X-ray spectroscopy and diffraction measurements.

The use of femtosecond pulses enables the generation of X-rays with femtosecond temporal and angstrom-scale spatial resolution, allowing direct observation of atom-level structural changes in different samples. The properties of X-rays generated by femtosecond laser pulses are comparable to that of synchrotrons, but laser systems are significantly simpler and more compact than synchrotrons.

The brightness of generated X-rays scales linearly with the laser repetition rate. The brightness and conversion efficiency of X-rays using high-repetition-rate and high-average-power PHAROS femtosecond lasers are comparable to those achieved using multi-millijoule pulsed laser sources. This suggests that femtosecond laser systems such as PHAROS and CARBIDE are the solutions in the quest for tabletop X-ray sources.

  • 100 fs – 20 ps 连续可调脉宽
  • 最大单脉冲能量 4 mJ
  • 最小脉宽输出 < 100 fs
  • POD 和 BiBurst 功能
  • 高达 5 次谐波或可调谐扩展
  • CEP 稳定或重复频率锁定
  • 热稳定性和密封设计
  • 190 fs – 20 ps 连续可调脉宽
  • 最大输出 1 mJ @ 120 W 或 2 mJ @ 80 W
  • 单脉冲 – 2 MHz 重复频率
  • POD 和 BiBurst 功能
  • 高达 5 次谐波或可调谐扩展
  • 风冷型号
  • 紧凑的工业级设计

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