Vibrational imaging provides chemical specificity, which is useful in biological microscopy, and pharmaceutical and material science, especially where other microscopy techniques provide ambiguous results and labels cannot be used. Spontaneous Raman scattering microscopy, while sensitive, is slow. However, its nonlinear counterparts – coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (CARS) and stimulated Raman scattering (SRS) – can be used for high-speed and high-sensitivity label-free vibrational imaging.

In CARS microscopy, two beams are used to produce radiation at a third wavelength via a vibrational level of the sample. The energy difference between the two beams can be tuned to different vibrational levels, thus providing chemical imaging contrast. The produced CARS signal is at a different wavelength that is usually background-free, which makes its detection relatively simple. However, CARS distorts the vibrational lineshapes and possesses a nonresonant signal component, which complicates chemical attribution. SRS is free from these disadvantages; however, its signal is a small modulation on one of the incoming beams and requires an elaborate detection scheme.

CRONUS-2P is a femtosecond laser providing three simultaneous and synchronized outputs with high repetition rate, high output power, short pulse duration, and GDD control, making it the ultimate source for nonlinear microscopy. Two outputs are independently tunable in the 680 – 960 nm and 960 – 1300 nm ranges, while the third is fixed at 1025 nm. The three simultaneous outputs enable advanced CARS and SRS applications with dual-band imaging, a broader selection of vibrational resonance frequencies, constant-difference dual‑beam tuning, resonant enhancement, and more.

  • 高重复频率下的瓦特级功率输出,用于快速成像
  • 两个可调谐和一个固定的输出,用于同时进行多波束激发
  • 自动化GDD控制,可在样品处获得最短的脉冲
  • 工业级设计,具有高的输出功率和光束稳定性
  • 11 Mhz、40 Mhz 或 76 Mhz 的重复频率
  • <50 fs 的脉宽
  • 最高可达 20 W 的高功率型号
  • 最高可达 0.6 µJ 的高能量型号
  • 高输出稳定性的工业级设计
  • CEP 稳定或重复频率锁定
  • 100 fs – 20 ps 连续可调脉宽
  • 最大单脉冲能量 4 mJ
  • 最小脉宽输出 < 100 fs
  • POD 和 BiBurst 功能
  • 高达 5 次谐波或可调谐扩展
  • CEP 稳定或重复频率锁定
  • 热稳定性和密封设计
  • 190 nm – 16000 nm 可调波长
  • 满足所有需求的高能量和高功率型号
  • 单脉冲 – 2 MHz 重复频率
  • 最高泵浦功率 80 W
  • 最大泵浦单脉冲能量 2 mJ

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