The medical field uses high-contrast marking, sometimes called black marking, to mark medical tools. White-marking enhances the visible quality of watches and jewelry products.

Femtosecond lasers offer improved quality compared with ps and ns lasers and expand the number of materials on which it is possible to apply high contrast marking. It is possible to apply deep engraving, high contrast marking, medical instrument marking, hidden marking, counterfeit marking on glass, plastic, metals, and ceramics. Corrosion-free marking is possible on stainless steel.

Both PHAROS and CARBIDE lasers are the choice for high contrast versatile marking. BiBurst is an essential option for achieving high contrast markings.

  • 100 fs – 20 ps 连续可调脉宽
  • 最大单脉冲能量 4 mJ
  • 输出的最小脉宽
  • PoD 和 BiBurst 功能
  • 高达 5 次谐波或可调谐扩展
  • CEP 稳定或重复频率锁定
  • 热稳定性和密封设计
  • 190 fs – 20 ps 连续可调脉宽
  • 最大输出为 120 W 和 2 mJ
  • 单脉冲 – 2 MHz 重复频率
  • PoD 和 BiBurst 功能
  • 高达 5 次谐波或可调谐扩展
  • 风冷型号
  • 紧凑的工业级设计
  • Burst-in-burst 功能– BiBurst,即脉冲串包含子脉冲串功能
  • 1 kHz – 2 MHz 载波频率
  • 190 fs – 20 ps 连续可调脉宽
  • 可调节的振幅斜率
  • 可调整GHz和MHz的脉冲数

Sequential Combination of Femtosecond Laser Ablation and Induced Micro/Nano Structures for Marking Units with High-Recognition-Rate

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